Top 10 hiking tours
Photo: Visit Hammerfest
Photo: Visit Hammerfest

The Hammerfest region is an amazing hiking destination, and even the locals are all about it!

Hiking is probably the easiest way to meet local people, as Norwegians always greet each other out in the mountains with a smile, nod and "hei!". If you hike to one of our many public hiking cabins, you can enjoy a great view, talk to other hikers, and eat whatever snack you brought in shelter from the weather. PS! remember to always bring a Kvikk Lunsj chocolate bar! The best time of the year is definitely during summer, when the midnight sun gives you the possibility to enjoy the outdoors day'n night - in bright daylight! In wintertime, some of the hikes is not reccomended. Check out our article about sking trips here. 

PS! This is simply recommondations. Route descriptions are found at webpage or app.  

1. Tyven, Hammerfest (mountain with cabin) 

Try the sherpha stone stairway to Tyven, and enjoy the view on the top inside of a price winning hiking cabin. There are several ways to Tyven, but the stairway is the shortest cut that is still safe. It takes around 1 hour to reach the top, and it's wise to have at least 3 hours for this hike in total, because you would probably like to take some pictures on your way - and on the top! If you want to bike to Tyven, you can easily do that by following the gravel road that is around 8 km long one way. 

2. Kjøttvikvarden, Sørøya (mountain)

"Kjøttvikvarden" is the highest cairn in all of Norway, reaching 12,5 meters! It was built in 1853, on the order of the King. You can start the hike from Akkarfjord or Gamvik at Sørøya, and it takes around 1,5-2,5 hours one way - depending on what route you choose. The route is marked with red "T"s, but it is not recommended to hike on Sørøya without a map and a compass, in case of fog. 

3. Ytre Forsøl, Hammerfest (beach) 

One of the easiest hikes in the region leads to a beautiful oasis - a hidden beach. If you are lucky enough to visit Hammerfest on a warm, sunny day in July, you will probably meet a lot of locals with kids here! Bring a swimsuit, a picnic blanket, and enjoy a day at this arctic beach. If you dear to take a swim, expect no more than 10 degrees water temperature, even on a warm and sunny day. The hike takes around 20 minutes one way, but you can not do it in flipflops! Joggers are OK though.

4. Varden, Havøysund (mountain)

This hike is pretty easy and can be done all year! But the reward on top is priceless, with a 360 degrees view over Havøysund, the wind mills, and the small islands at the arctic coast! During winter time skis or snow shoes are recommended. The hike takes about one hour.

5. Handelstind, Kvalsund (mountain)

From the small place outside Hammerfest, Kvalsund, you can go on a hike to Handelstinden. From here you'll get amazing view of Kvalsund and the fjord. Right next to it is the lake Trollvannet (The troll water.) There are benches here and you can go for a swim. This trip is especially beautiful in the fall. The trip is marked and takes about 2-3 hours in totalt.

6. Storvannet, Seiland (mountain and lake)

On Seiland island there is a path going towards the National park which takes you to this stunning water surrounded by mountains. The path starts in the village Hønsebybotn. The National Park itself is talked about as the "most unavailable national park" since you have to walk a stretch to get there. The lake is just outside the park and someone of the mountains in the distance is inside the park. The trip takes about 2-3 hours in total, including the walk back.

7. Storfjellet, Hammerfest (mountain with an open hiking cabin)

Storfjellet is the most visited mountain top in Hammerfest. That might not be a surprise with this amazing view of Hammerfest. In the distance you can also see mount Tyven. There is a gravel road going all the way to the top and the trip takes about an hour. On the top there is an open cabin you can visit - with windows and an incredible view. This is the perfect place to experience the midnight sun. In the winter it can be a bit challenging to walk here because of the snow.

8. Sandfjellet, Sørøya (mountain and beaches) 

This mountain on Sørøya is covered in sand! You can slide down the side of the mountain to the nearby beaches. At the foot of the mountain you will find a chalk-white beach. There are several hiking paths to this mountain. You can take a roundtrip around the area or go straight from Finnvika to Sandfjellet and back.

9. Tarhalsen, Sørøya (mountain and lighthouse)

Follow the spectacular lighthouse keeper's road to Tarhalsen lighthouse. The path winds through a dramatic landscape with steep cliffs that plunge straight into the sea. The goal is the lighthouse at the northern tip of Sørøya. On the way you will find an open hiking cabin you can visit. This trip is demanding, especially if you have a fear of heights. 

10. Stopparfjord, Rolvsøya (beaches)

Stopparfjord on Rolvsøya offers amazing costal nature. The hiking trip here takes you through stunning untouched nature, and past several lakes. The trip takes about 2-3 hours in total from the main road. It is marked with a path and signs. This is a great trip if you wanna experience Rolvsøya's nature.

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