Sustainability and responsibility

Writen by: Katrine Næss

What is Visit Hammerfest doing to highlight and develop sustainable tourism in the Hammerfest region?


Visit Hammerfest is an office consisting of 4 employees as of 2022. We are certified as an Environmental Lighthouse, which is a recognized environmental certification. If you want changes in the world, it is wise to start with yourself. Read more about the certification here:


We are also working on getting a comprehensive destination strategy for Hammerfest and Måsøy in 2022, which is a comprehensive project supported by Innovation Norway. For us, it is natural to prioritize strategies that lead to the sustainable development of the region as a destination. When the Master Plan is available, a major environmental project awaits - namely the process of obtaining the "Mark for sustainable destination" from Innovation Norway. This process usually takes between 2-3 years, and is an extensive work that will cover the entire destination.


"Working for sustainable tourism means taking care of the needs of people living today without destroying future generations' opportunities to meet their needs. Themes such as nature, environmental and climate impact, interaction between tourism and local communities - and the industry's local, economic value creation are central to the understanding of sustainable tourism."


Read more about the brand here:


In 2021, Visit Hammerfest launched the local quality mark "Approved by Visit Hammerfest". This is a mark that allows you, as a guest in the region, to see which tourism companies are serious, and which take part in organized tourism. In a country like Norway with the common law - unfortunately, unscrupulous companies appear that capitalize on our natural resources, without exemplifying taxes for Norway or leaving any value locally. By supporting the actors that we have stamped "Approved by Visit Hammerfest" - you know that these are registered companies that contribute positively to the local community. Read more about the brand here:


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