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Seiland is an island with a lot of nature and history. Traces of humans have been found as far back as 7,000 years ago. In addition, the island has many exciting stories from the Second World War.


The island is divided into the north side and the south side, where the north side has boat access to Hammerfest and the south side to Alta. It lives approx. 120 people on the north side and 20 people on the south side. Several of the residents are of Sea Sami origin.


In Hønsebybotn there is a local shop with a petrol pump, as well as rudders and boat hire. There is also the possibility of guided tours, farm visits and Sami experiences on the island. See our booking page for more information.

Myrne's farm

You can visit Myrnes Gård on Seiland and join in farm activities. Here they have, among other things, sheep, lambs, horses and dogs. You can read more about the farm and book a visit on our booking page - trykk her.


Phone: +47 452 53 166

• E-mail: 

• Address: Eidvågeidet, 9609 Nordre Seiland

Seiland Explore

Seiland Explore is based in Hønsbybotn on Seiland and offers accommodation and several activities on the island. They have several guided tours where, among other things, they talk about the war history from the island. In addition, they have boat hire and offer guided boat trips. The hosts at Seiland Explore are pleasant and helpful with most things on the island. You can find them in Hønsbybotn's shop and café.

Telephone: +47 784 19 640

• E-mail: 

• Address: Seilandsveien 323, 9609 Nordre Seiland

• Website:

Seiland National Park

The national park covers just over half of the island with an area of ​​316 km2. The park contains the 2 northernmost glaciers on mainland Europe. The entire park is inaccessible to vehicles and everything is hardened and wonderfully untouched nature. This makes the park Northern Europe's most inaccessible National Park. In the national park itself, there are no marked paths or open huts. Due to little human traffic, there is a wide range of animal and plant life.


Read more about the national park on their website -

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