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Kokelv is a small village in Hammerfest municipality with approx. 130 inhabitants. They have a nursery and primary school, church, museum, petrol station and a local grocery store. The village is located along the coast in the heart of a fjord surrounded by untouched nature. There are many good outdoor opportunities here. In the summer, there are several hiking trails in the area, and in the winter, scooter and ski trails have been set up.


2 kilometers from Kokelv, a national tourist road starts that goes all the way to Havøysund. The road is 70 kilometers and takes approx. an hour's drive by car.


The tourism company Aurora and Midnight Sun Glamping is based in Kokelv. They offer, among other things, accommodation in a cabin, gamme and a Dome with a view straight out into nature. See our booking page for more information.

Kokelv Church

Kokelv church was built in 1960 through Action Soningtegn, where German youths rebuilt what had been burnt down after the war. The church is a long church with 112 seats and a cemetery. They have a church service once a month, as well as funerals, weddings, baptisms and confirmations.


Telephone: +47 911 68 352

• E-mail: post.kvalsund@kirken.no 

• Address: Kirkevegen 16, 9715 Kokelv

Kokelv Sea Sami Museum

Kokelv Sea Sami Museum is a museum about Sea Sami culture and history. It is located in an old Sea Sami small farm from 1950 that was built after the Second World War. Experience a genuine Sea Sami small farm, with a charming restored house and barn, and a collection of boats in the large boathouse by the fjord.


Here you can learn about Sea Sami history and culture, as well as local history. Among other things, they have a copy of the original Kokelvkofta, and several other original jackets and other Sami garments. Down in the main nave, the museum has an exciting boat collection with several Nordland boats, smaller boats and objects related to fishing.


There is also a collection of unique photos from French Roland Bonaparte (a relative of Napoleon Bonaparte)'s study of the Sami in the 1880s.


Unfortunately, the museum is not adapted for wheelchairs or walkers.


Phone: +47 473 26 862

• Email: kjersti@rdm.no 

• Address: Kokelvveien 51, 9715 Kokelv

• Website: https://rdm.no/no/kokelv_sjosamiske_museum/

Getting to and from Kokelv

By car or bus

Bus times can be found at Snelandia.no - enter where you are traveling from/to and which day to find times.

It takes approx. 1.5 hours by car to Kokelv from Hammerfest.


By plane

The nearest airport is Lakselv Airport, and it takes approx. 1.5 hours by car from the airport to Kokelv.

Hammerfest Airport, Alta Airport and Honningsvåg Airport are the other closest airports and take approx. 2 hours by car.

Lakselv Airport: 90 km. • Hammerfest Airport: 106 km. • Honningsvåg airport: 116 km. • Alta Airport: 130 km.

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