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Skaidi is Northern Sami and means "where the rivers meet" - the place is the meeting point of Western Finnmark where the roads to Hammerfest, Havøysund, Alta, Honningsvåg and Lakselv meet. Here there is a petrol station, roadside inn, hotel, motel and an alpine resort. The area is a popular cottage area for the locals in the surrounding areas.


In the summer, this is a popular destination for salmon fishing in the Repparfjord river and summit tours. The mountain bike race Skaidi Xtreme is also organized here every year.

In winter, there are wonderful ski and scooter trails at Skaidi, as well as an alpine resort.

Skaidi Alpin

Skaidi Alpinbakke is open seasonally from February to April. Here there are slopes of easy, medium and difficult difficulty. The alpine slope is suitable for people of all ages and all types of experience. They also rent all ski and snowboard equipment. Read more about the alpine slope at

Skaidi Hotel

Skaidi hotel is located directly across the road junction at Skaidi. In addition to accommodation, they have a restaurant, and most events can be organized here. Directly above the hotel, there is a cozy bar with fireplace and bar. The hotel also has its own spa area with sauna, swimming pool and jacuzzi.


Telephone: +47 78 41 55 00

• Email: 

• Address: Gjestebakken 10, 9620

• Website:

Skaidi Xtreme

Skaidi Xtreme is a cycle race organized at Skaidi every year. Cycling enthusiasts from all over the world come here to participate - this is truly an extreme cycling race! Several rides are organized for absolutely all ages. It is possible to be a spectator by meeting up along the slopes. A map of the trails and all information about the race can be found at

Getting to and from Skaidi

By car or bus

Skaidi is in the middle of the mainland and the only way to get there is by road.

Bus times can be found at - enter where you are traveling from/to and which day to find times.

It takes approx. 1 hour by car to Skaidi from Hammerfest, Lakselv and Alta - and 2 hours from Honningsvåg.


By plane

The nearest airport is Hammerfest Airport, and it takes approx. 1 hour by car from the airport to Skaidi.

Alta Airport and Lakselv Airport are the other nearest airports and also take approx. 1 hour by car.

Hammerfest airport: 56 km. • Alta airport: 82 km. • Lakselv airport: 88 km.

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