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Sørøya is Norway's fourth largest island and is called the green island in the north. There are incredible world-class nature experiences here. There are several tourism companies on the island that offer a wide range of activities and experiences. In addition, Sørøya is rich in wildlife, including birds, hares, sheep and an arctic camel family! The island is also called the kingdom of big fish and the world's largest cod caught with a pole has been caught on Sørøya (47 kg.)


The island consists of many small towns spread over the entire island, and all of them are only connected by boat. There are few roads on the island and it is not possible to drive between most places.

Akkar Brygge

Akkar Brygge is located directly to the left of the quay when you arrive by boat in Akkarfjord. Here they have a café with kiosk goods and tourist information. The hosts at Akkar Brygge are pleasant and helpful with most things on the island. If you have questions, need a place to wait for the boat or want to leave a bag for a few hours - this is the place to visit.


Phone: +47 90 72 15 27

• Email: salg@johankvalsvik.no 

• Address: 10, 9650 Akkarfjord

• Website: https://johankvalsvik.no/akkar-brygge/



Akkarfjord is located on the north side of the island and is the closest to Hammerfest. This is a nice place to go if you are going to visit Sørøya and a good starting point if you are going on a trip across the island. Right by the quay, you will find Akkar Brygge, which has a cafe, kiosk goods and tourist information. There is also a separate shop and several accommodation options in Akkarfjord. The arctic camels also live here, and if you're lucky you can see them on the way out to Storsand. You can book a meeting with the camels at PolarOasen. Akkarfjord is also home to Sørøya Rorbuer and Havfiske - here you can rent fishing boats and join fishing trips, as well as spend the night in rorbuer by the sea.


There are also many nice hiking trails - including to Storsand, Sandfjellet, Kjøttvikvarden and Tarhalsen. See ut.no for tour information.

The Arctic camels and the Polar Oasis

PolarOasen, which is based in Akkarfjord, has camels with which it is possible to book a meeting. In addition, they have a lovely house for rent, where you can either rent a room or the whole house. They are also helpful with transport and most things that will ensure you have a nice stay in Akkarfjord.


Phone: +47 971 62 380

• Email: odis@polaroasen.no 

• Address: Bismarvikveien 44, 9650 Akkarfjord

• Website: https://www.facebook.com/Polaroasen/


Sandøyboten is idyllically located on the outer side of Sørøya - far away from the noise and bustle of city life. Here you will find endless untouched nature, silence with the exception of birds chirping and the waves crashing in from the sea. To get here you have to take a boat to Lotre, and drive or walk across the island to the other side.


The Sørøya Guest House is located here. Ilona and Einar at Sørøya Gjestestue warmly welcome you and can recommend walking tours in the local area, explain the way to the good fishing waters, or rent out a boat and fishing equipment with a good safety review. In addition, they offer accommodation in the old boarding school in which the guesthouse is located - or in several nice cabins in the area.


Getting to and from Sørøya

To get to the north side of Sørøya, you can take a fast boat from Hammerfest harbor or Havøysund quay. The easiest way to find times is on Snelandia.no with a route from Hammerfest harbor or Havøysund Kai - to the Akkarfjord kombi boat dock, or the dock you have in mind. You pay for the ticket on the boat. It is not possible to prepay or reserve places on the boat. It is not possible to bring a car, but it is possible to bring bicycles.


The speedboat from Hammerfest calls at Akkarfjord, Skippernes, Hellefjord, Lundhamn, Langstrand, Lotre and Slettnes.

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